Yung swizz is not new to the rap scene. He emerged during the early 2000‘s under the name G-Swizz. He released Various singles over the course of 5 Years. One hit single “Stuck” released in 2008 was very popular in the city of Brentwood, this single proved promise for the young rapper. He then formed a group with three of his best friends under the name Team V or “Team vicious,” he and the young artists were very popular amongst the Brentwood youth. The group became involved in various criminal activities such as Narcotics trafficking, various assaults and much more. He then joined a small street gang EBH (East Bay Hittaz), who were very notorious for their narcotics trafficking and brutal assaults. Teams V’s group leader Tazzy Glock was indicted for armed robbery, kidnapping and Grand theft auto. The group split up and Swizz quit rapping for what he thought was forever.

Years later Swizz was inspired by an emerging Bay area rap group “starting six” to begin rapping again. He then dropped the G from his name and went by just Swizz. He made a series of singles but kept them unreleased and only showed close friends. Constant positive feedback from his inner circle inspired Swizz to make his first release to the public. In 2014, swizz, made his first public track since his demise, titled “Basic.” It featured a close friend of his that went by the rap name “Sinsi.” The song quickly grabbed the attention of many in the 925 area and quickly gained momentum. With this newfound momentum Swizz dropped his second single entitled “California dreamin,” which proved to be a smash hit in his area. Both tracks were aimed towards poking fun at the daily lives people lead in Brentwood, CA. Swizz was unable to maintain that momentum quickly falling out of the public eye.

SWIZZ released a series of unsuccessful singles over the course two years. With dying ambition, Swizz, decided to put together his debut album entitled “Fakewood.” The release of that album was very successful, it was aimed specifically for the residence of Brentwood California. Fakewood was aimed at calling out the status quo of his city. The album quickly gained popularity with songs like “fuck the Brentwood police” and “ the cocaine anthem” Swizz then quickly regained momentum. Swizz dropped a series of videos off the “Fakewood” album and kept the progress going.

Trying to keep up with the pace, Swizz, released a collaborative album with horrorcore rapper Mars, entitled “Drunk On The Highway” with Force 5 Records. Swizz debuted under a new rap name “Young Swizz” due to the copyrights of other rappers with the same name. Young Swizz shows a lot of promise and is making his way up the rap latter. 

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