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Ive been doing music my whole life. My dad raised my brother Saint Dog and I to be musicians from day one. I learned how to play the guitar as did Saint. Life went by for a while doing that noon to midnight hustle and after KMK signed with Capitol Records I became part of the Suburban Noize Records Family. Throughout the years I have been part of a few different albums such as Sub Noize Souljas. Then me and my brother Saint Dog did two albums together “Ghetto Guide” as well as "Unconformable Social Amputees”. We toured the albums here and there thru the years. Saint and I Did a lot of Great shows for a lot of the the Annual Events that Sub Noize Would throw around the holidays and Went on some really sick Tours all over the United States.


 Then Came the DGAF UScircleA connection... DGAF consisted of Me, Saint Dog, Chucky Chuck, Gillies, and DJ Circa. DGAF Toured and lived up to our name. Anyone who’s seen us or Knows us Knows thats whats up! DGAF 4Life!  In the Year 2000 after My brother Saint Dog parted ways from KMK we Recorded a sick ass classic album in Death Row Records studio, the name was changed to Can Am studios, but believe me, on the inside of the studio it was still clearly Death Row Records. The name of the album was “SPUN CRAZ” Presented by UScircleA Records and Made in the UScircleA. Im happy to say I am repressing them to be for sale from here on out. so if you wanna copy you will find one thru UScircleA Records Web Page. we will be opening it any day now.


Fast forward to the summer of 2016 when I looking for a studio to record my solo album finally after waiting many years. I was introduced to the owner and engineer of a small indie label Named URBAN MYTH Records thru a mutual friend. We got along and worked together well recording the first couple of tracks. I had the Idea of putting together a group Project I had been wanting to do for years but never got around to it because of all the other acts I was involved with at the time. I made the proposition To Syniister, the owner and artist of Urban Myth and he was down. Vicious Dialect “VD” from Urban Myth would also be asked to be a 3rd vocalist for my newest project with Dekal on the beat production and DJ Circa handling the 1s and 2s! “The Hosstyle Crew” THC.UScircleA!!


I met The DRP from force 5 Records Years ago while going on Tours with My brother Saint, The DRP, Mars, and Various other artists. Always a promise of a good time touring with FORCE5, UScircleA DGAF connection! After the completion of “The Hosstyle Crew” album and a release for the video presented by UScircleA Records Named ”We Roll”. I shopped my Album to Force5 and we came to an agreement that Force5 Records would Sign "The Hosstyle Crew” UScircleA. So here we are Now Signed to Force5 Records in conjunction w/ UScircleA Records! So get ready to be seeing us Touring thru a city near you soon. FORCE5 Records, The Hosstyle Crew UScircleA, DGAF Family! It’s on and cracking "coming at ya from FORCE5 Records”! — Mad Love and Respect- Big Hoss-

We Roll - Big Hoss
Things Are Still The Same - Big Hoss
Red Ink - Big Hosss
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