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Aaron Danek (Born 2/10/82) professionally known as Mutilator - A.K.A. The Brew City Butcher, was born and raised in Milwaukee, WI. From the time he was born he lived both a physically and mentally painful and abused life. Tormented daily, he suffered severe anxiety, panic attacks, social dysfunction, rejection and depression. As he became older the constant pressure took its toll on his mind. A pad, pen, blood, and mad amounts of pills SEEMED to help. Yet the chaos continued to unfold.  He began his music career in early 2004. Releasing a very limited printing of an e.p. titled "Mutilator'z Mind" in 2005. From 2005-06 he formed the group the Brew City Butcherz with his long time homie Dan. Do to conflicting schedules Mutilator went back to being a solo artist, but was now know as Mutilator - The Brew City Butcher. In late 2008 he teamed up with The Psycho Civilian to re-form the rap duo known as the Brew City Butcherz. They became part of the Wicked Wisconsin movement and released several tracks on numerous Wicked Wisconsin Albums (2009 Sampler, The State to Hate, Gerald Turner Syndrome & Underground Jihad) They were also on the Devilz Nite 2011 on the Rick Dogg track "Drunk on Halloween [w/ Brew City Butcherz, The DRP, and Maniax". In September of 2011 Psycho C left the group due to creative differences just before they were to release their debut album "Breaking Ground". Mutilator returned to being known as the Brew City Butcher and continued on his path as a solo artist. Along with being a rap artist he is also an audio engineer (The Butcher Shop Studio - Milwaukee, WI), a graphic artist and web site developer (Mutilated Graffix). In November of 2011 Mutilator signed to Force 5 Records with his homies The DRP, Cousin Cleetus, and Sore. On November 23rd, 2011 he released his album  "Mutilator - 'Till The Blood Runs Cold" on Force 5 Records. Currently Mutilator is working on his full length L.P. (Mutilator - Life) due for release in spring of 2018.

To date Mutilator has Recorded, Engineered, Mixed & Mastered (* also designed album artwork):
JPK - 732 To Tha 414 (2011)
Cousin Cleetus - In The Beginning... (2011) *
Mutilator - Till The Blood Runs Cold (2011) *
Cousin Cleetus - Masters of the Industry [w/ The DRP & Mutilator]
JPK - I Just Wanna Die [feat Mutilator] (2011)
C4 - Visions of Apocalypse [feat Mutilator] (2011)
A-r0n - Chapter 4 [feat Mutilator & Mars] (2011)
A-r0n - Mosh [feat Mutilator] (2011)
A-r0n - Turn It Up [feat Mutilator & Mars] (TBR)
Shadow Castaz - Swamp Monster [feat Brew City Butcherz] (2010)
Ruthless Unda Ground (R.U.G.) - Cadaver (2011)
Rick Dogg - Drunk on Halloween [with Brew City Butcherz, Maniax, The DRP] (2010)
Raven Delevaga - Blood Bath [feat Brew City Butcherz] (TBR)

Mutilator has designed logos / flyers / banners for:
Force 5 Records
ICW - (Insane Championship Wrestling)
Cousin Cleetus
Saint Dog (of Suburban Noize Records / UScircleA Records)
Wicked Wisconsin
Dark Half (of Lyrikal Snuff Productions)
For graphics/web design contact:

Mutilator is available for collabs,and one-offs.


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