Music has been a part of my family for decades. My grandfather wrote a number one hit song back in the 70's called Fallin' In Love by Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds.Unfortunately, the bastards kicked him out and took his music with them, leaving my grandfather behind to raise his two sons on beans and rice. I believe that music runs in the blood...especially wihen it comes to my family. While just about everybody in my family played guitar, bass or drums in rock and metal... I chose a different path. Hip Hop,,. Making me the black sheep in a long line of "that rap shit is trash,"

Since I turmed 11 years old I've been writing and recording my own music. From recording on cassettes using a two-deck karoke machine, a mic and a shitty keyboard to learning pro-tools and eventually working with some of the dopest producers around! I began releasing several mixtapes after the birth of my son in 2011. I started gaining a small fan base and doing local shows around the LA area. My music soon found its way to The Label Records through my boy Dopey, who worked at The Label and wanted to produce a full length album for me. I soon found myself working with the man who signed Wu Tang, XZibit & King Tee, James Broadway. With the help of the whole crew at The Label (Broadway, Dopey, Apakalips & Chop Lui) we crafted and released my full length debut album, Drug Spun Funk, in Oct. 2016.

The album charted #87 on the iTunes Top 100 Chart with almost zero promotion. Four music videos were released throughout a six month period to continually push the release. On June 1st, 2017 I released my 6th mixtape, At Wits End, which is my most downloaded mixtape to date. It was around this time I met Donny, or The DRP, through former Primer 55 bassist Joshua Toomey. Donny was already aware of me but just didn't know it yet. A couple months prior I had recorded a verse for Danny Diablo's new record that will be released through Donny's label, Force 5 Records. I asked he and label mate Mars to do a quick interlude for At Wits End and the rest is history. My excitement and positive vibes for my future with everyone at Force 5 is off the fuckin richter. I can honestly say, from the bottom of my fuckin heart, I have found a place to call home again.

Armageddon Weaponry - Skribbal